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FD series biomass pellet fuel machine is based on the combination of well-known domestic universities and research institutes, the introduction of foreign advanced combustion technology, combined with China's comprehensive national conditions, the specificity of biomass fuel, and high-energy and environmentally friendly biomass particles. Biomass combustion equipment designed and developed for fuel. This series of products adopts semi-gassed suspension combustion technology with reasonable structure, high calorific value and sufficient combustion.
The equipment adopts automatic intelligent operation series, touch screen one-button type, fully sealed variable frequency speed control feeding, remote 485 operation interface, automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, automatic feeding, automatic conversion of size and fire.
The double frequency conversion is adopted to achieve the synchronization of the air supply and the feeding frequency, the heat efficiency is high, the combustion is sufficient, and the displacement of the fire mouth dust can also be reduced.
Non-polluting, low-emission, compact structure, simple and convenient installation, small footprint, low operating cost
In order to meet the needs and needs of different customers, air-cooled and water-cooled two types of protection, air combustion, make the flame temperature more powerful, water-cooled structure, the generated hot water can be used for production or domestic water, can also be connected to the boiler Make secondary use and make full use of the heat source.
1, high efficiency and energy saving: biomass pellet fuel as energy, low cost of use, at least 30%-60% lower than fuel (gas) operating cost
2, high thermal efficiency: semi-gasification suspension combustion plus tangential swirling air distribution design, low temperature segmental combustion, burnout rate of 98% or more
3, stable and reliable: micro-positive pressure operation, silo isolation feeding mode, no tempering and fire phenomenon
4, low carbon and environmental protection: low smoke, sulfur and nitrogen emissions, zero carbon dioxide emissions, in line with smoke emission requirements
5, the operation is simple: easy to install, automatic feeding, simple operation, small workload, large silo capacity (can be customized larger capacity silo), can be run for 3-12 hours. One person can operate and operate
6, widely used: steam boiler, hot water boiler, heat transfer oil boiler, hot air stove, greenhouse, aluminum processing, casting heat treatment, annealing furnace, aluminum rod heating furnace, aluminum melting furnace, industrial furnace, drying equipment, coating, wood , sandstone, leather, clothing, ceramics, paper products, food drying equipment and other heating equipment supporting and energy-saving transformation.
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